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Volunteering Your Time and Resources

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Studies have found that volunteer activity often reshapes or redirects people's values, perspectives, and even their life goals. For many, it spurs new growth, both spiritually and emotionally. Sometimes the changes are slight, but clear - like committing oneself to continue work with a particular cause or mission.

Volunteering is an important part of the energy and excellence to any community organization. We are looking for volunteers to work in creating community level change and helping us find solutions to further engage the community to combat a wide range of substance abuse issues. You can help with programs and events; serve on committees; or serve as member on the Board of Directors.

We are grateful for all volunteer help, and we need a wide range of skills and interests to help us meet the needs of the people and the community that we serve. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact us by phone 423-805-3367 or email info@graabcoalition.com

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Financial Support

When it comes to preventing drug and alcohol abuse, there is no one universal approach. It takes solutions that are based on a community’s unique problems and circumstances. As part of our services to the community we educated the public about the latest trends in substance abuse, build community partnerships from the ground up and develop helpful tools and resources that empower our community to address the issue of substance abuse.

Our community must unite behind a consistent message that use and abuse of illegal drugs and themisuse use of prescription/over the counter medications is wrong and harmful. In order to provide these continuing services, we ask that you consider provide financial support to the G.R.A.A.B. Coalition. The G.R.A.A.B. Coalition is a 501c3, nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Areas Volunteers Are Needed

  • Website Development
  • Grant Writing/Research
  • Administrative
  • Social Media
  • Research Project (Data, Needs Assessment, Program Development, Material Development)
  • Public Relations/Media Development
  • Educational Outreach
  • Support Groups
  • Youth Outreach/Engagement

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Volunteer Opportunities